Department Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of the City of Rio Rancho’s Department of Parks, Recreation, & Community Services is to create and maintain spaces and activities that grow a greater sense of community and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Vision & Core Values:

Through spirited service and a can-do attitude, the City of Rancho’s Department of Parks, Recreation, & Community Services provides quality and diverse recreation and educational programming, cultural and enjoyable opportunities, senior services, para-transit services, community centers, trails, parks, and an open space network for all residents.

Quality in Everything We Do

– We are committed to excellence in the field of parks, recreation, and community and senior services
Unified Vision – We are committed to our quest to enhance the sense of community and the quality of the life in Rio Rancho with a singleness of purpose and clarity of direction

Effective Leadership

– We are committed to working creatively and competently with thoughtful and inspirational guidance and leadership


– We are committed to being responsible to the community by developing trust and improving communication

Team Work

– We are committed to embracing everyone’s contribution and developing our team to its fullest potential


– We are committed to involving community members and businesses at every turn in the processes of planning, funding and creating new facilities and programs

The Parks, Recreation and Community Services team is extremely proud of the department’s accomplishments and recognizes the devotion, support and creativity that are put together each and every year by the employees of the six divisions within. 

ADA - Access for All

The City of Rio Rancho is committed to ensuring that residents and visitors with disabilities are able to take part in, and benefit from, the whole range of public programs, services, and activities offered by the City. Please click on the following link for more information about ADA - Access for All

Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful Division

KRRB's mission is to educate, facilitate, and inspire our community to take pride and ownership in proper solid waste handling practices, recycling, litter prevention, beautification, and environmental education. KRRB has been an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful since 1989. To learn about state and national programs visit New Mexico Clean and Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful.  
Please click on the following link for more information on the Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful Division

Parks and Facilities Division

Our Facilities Division preserves and maintains the City's investments in community centers, parks, sports facilities and trails. A key element in the Parks and Facilities Division is periodic and preventive maintenance of these assets.

The workforce is assigned regularly scheduled maintenance activities, in addition to managing the inevitable unforeseen or emergency repairs. These assignments ensure that all parks, trails and facilities are inspected, maintained, repaired, and in operable condition for the community.

The Parks and Facilities Division is furthermore accountable for the design and construction of new parks and the restoration and renovation of some of the city’s mature parks and amenities. Additionally, the division works with Resource Development Division staff on forecasting, comprehensive planning and implementation of large scale projects.

Programming & Recreation Division

The Programming and Recreation Division manages the City’s four (4) community centers, Rio Rancho Aquatic Center, and three (3) outdoor swimming pools.

The Division is committed to providing recreation, cultural and education services to all Rio Rancho citizens. The heart of the Division is the staff that coordinates quality and diverse youth and adult programs.

The Division strives to provide excellent customer service by making certain all facilities and programs are being facilitated in a fair, consistent and fiscally sound manner. Ultimately, the mission is to create, provide and promote quality of life services and programs, empowering each individual while simultaneously enriching the well being of the entire community. Please click on the following link for more information on activities and events offered by the City of Rio Rancho. 

Report Rio Rancho

Report Rio Rancho is an online and mobile service request system for the City of Rio Rancho. Report Rio Rancho allows residents and businesses to identify issues and report those service requests directly to the City. Please click on the following link to go to the Report Rio Rancho homepage. 

Resource Development Division

The Resource Development Division is responsible for the forecasting, comprehensive planning, implementation and tracking of assets and projects in partnership with all of the Divisions within the Department.

Resource Development works with other divisions to ensure progress toward sustainable, effective and efficient maintenance of city facilities and resources, and to create and implement plans for development and acquisition of new parks, facilities, trails and open space.

The Division represents the Department in the development process to ensure proper accessibility, allocation and design of facilities that will be dedicated to the City and Department. Resource Development will also create and monitor Department policies that will ensure the protection of our facilities and natural resources for the City and its residents.

Senior Services Division

The mission of the Division of Senior Services is to "promote positive aging." In order to achieve that mission, the Division is tasked with developing the vision for programs and services for the older adult population. The Division is responsible for developing long-range plans; establishing collaborative relationships; obtaining state and federal grants; overseeing volunteer activities; and creating an administrative structure which includes developing policies and procedures and managing statistical information, financial records and databases.

Please click on the following link for more information on the Senior Services Division

Volunteer Program

The mission of the volunteer program is to enhance City services and programs by matching the varied talents of concerned individuals and groups of all ages, interests and skills, with a variety of interesting and challenging projects and endeavors. 

Volunteers assist with nearly every aspect of our city’s government. Whether a volunteer is involved in an ongoing position or a single event, volunteer daily, weekly or monthly, the City of Rio Rancho appreciates the support. Please click on the following link to view more information about the Volunteer Program