Green & Yard Waste

If you're a resident of Rio Rancho and currently have a Waste Management curbside trash bin, Waste Management will collect yard waste by appointment for an additional fee. Resident provides bags or bundles for year waste collection. Pickups are scheduled for the second Saturday of the month and must be scheduled 3 days prior to the pickup. To schedule your appointment contact Waste Management at (505) 892-1200 before 3:00PM. For more information visit Rio Rancho's Waste Management website by clicking here.

Did you know...

Just because it will eventually biodegrade, when illegally thrown in our open spaces and mesa green waste IS considered illegal dumping! Illegally disposing of yard clippings, tree trimmings and other green waste creates a visual cue to other people telling them it's "ok" to dispose of the materials in unwanted areas. Do your part and make sure you take all of your unwanted waste, including green waste, to the proper facilities. To report illegal dumping utilize the city's Report Rio Rancho link on the city's main page or by clicking here.