Private Well Program

Prospective Well Applicants: 

The City of Rio Rancho will allow domestic water well drilling provided the applicant obtains a permit to drill the well from the municipality subsequent to the State Engineer's approval. Before obtaining any permits or approvals, it must first be determined which of the following criteria your property meets:

1. When a water distribution line is at or within 200 feet from a property, the property owner must connect to the city water system at the owner's expense.
2. When a water distribution line is greater than 200 feet from a property, the property owner can submit a domestic well application.

To determine which of these apply to your property, and to receive approval to proceed, you must submit a Meter Application form PDF to: 

Engineer Technician -  Utility Department, Suite 250

3200 Civic Center Circle NE

Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Once you have an approved Meter Application form from the Engineer Technician stating that no service line is available and a well permit is required, you may submit an Application for Permit to Use Underground Waters to the State Engineer's Office. (Do this before submitting to the City) 

Please Note: If it has been determined that there is no sewer line near the property, you will need to apply for Liquid Waste Permit with NM Environment Department. Additional fees will apply for both these agencies. 

Obtaining State Permits:

State Permit to Use Underground Water - NM Office of the State Engineer (you will need form WR-01):  5550 San Antonio Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109


 Application for permit to use underground water

State Liquid Waste Permit -              NM Environment Department

                                                                   4359 Jager Dr. Suite B

                                                                   Rio Rancho, NM 87144

                                                                   TEL: (505)771-5980

                                                                    Liquid Waste or Septic Tank Permit

You must have these approved before you submit the paperwork for your city well permit as they are required as part of the permit backup documentation. Upon selecting a company to drill the well, please confirm with them that their City of Rio Rancho business license and their Office of the State Engineer license is current.

Submitting an Application for a City Well Permit
The Private Domestic Well Application is available by clicking here

 For state forms, click the links above.

There is a guideline in the packet for information on the process, fees, and documentation required. There are specific documents that you need to submit with your permit, a checklist has been included on the second page of the guideline to help you. 

Please fill out all sections of the City Application for a Well Permit, including a detailed drawing of the site plan showing any adjacent well, septic tanks, drainage ponds, animal holding areas, and structures within 300 feet radius of the proposed well site. Use the sample diagram of a typical layout (included in the application paperwork) as a guide.

When you have the application complete and all the backup documentation, you can submit your permit by email to (preferred) or by mail to: 

Water Programs Coordinator -       Utilities Department, Suite 250

                                                                  3200 Civic Center Circle NE

                                                                  Rio Rancho, NM 87144


A $200.00 well fee is payable at the time of submission.                                                                                                                                                 
If you are interested learning more about your well construction and operation you can find several webinars on Domestic Wells at The Private Well Class.
Well construction criteria can be found here: Domestic Well Construction and Abandonment Standard Manual