Becoming a Rio Rancho Firefighter

Hiring Testing Process 


To apply for a Firefighter position at the City of Rio Rancho:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must possess a high school diploma or GED. 

If you are applying for a position as a Lateral Firefighter, you must be certified as an IFSAC Firefighter II, New Mexico Firefighter II, or equivalent as determined by the RRFD Training Division.

Applications received that do not indicate the proper licensure or certification, will not be considered.

Written Test

All candidates will be given the Firefighter Selection Test Emergency Medical Services and must score at least 80% in all testing categories (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and mathematics).


Physical Agility Test

A combination of a fitness test and a medical screening shall be used to determine the overall health of an applicant. Utilizing the score of the Cooper Institute testing and a review of a Fitness Background/Assessment Protocol Worksheet by the Department Physician, the applicant shall be given a Tier Assignment. 

The applicant will complete a Fitness Background/Assessment Protocol Worksheet prior to the physical testing. A Medical Release must be completed before the physical fitness testing will take place. The department physician will review physical fitness testing results and the Fitness Background/Assessment Protocol Worksheet to determine which tier assignment the applicant will be placed.


The assignments shall be as following and carry these parameters:

  • Tier I - No action
  • Tier II - Recommendations by either the physician or a trainer on lifestyle changes, diet & exercise recommendations.
  • Tier III – Removal from the testing process.
  • Tier IV – Removal from the testing process.

The applicant test is based on the Cooper’s Institute standards. Applicant shall be tested on all maximal tests for:

  • 1-repetition bench press;
  • 1-min sit-ups;
  • 1-min standard push-ups
  • Sit-and-reach;
  • 1.5 mile run

Oral Boards

A three person oral review consisting of applicant’s personal history, career preparation, and situational questions.

Background Investigation

An extensive background check will be conducted. Investigators will review: applicants job history, criminal background, credit check, driving history, and personal history evaluation.

Medical Evaluation

All candidates must pass an extensive medical physical before attending fire academy.

Chief's Selection Process

The Fire Chief will then select candidates to attend fire academy.

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