Citizen Survey

The City’s Citizen Survey has been conducted, consistently, every two years since 2015. In order to conduct a scientifically valid survey, the City contracts services with the National Research Center by Polco. Results from the survey are benchmarked and measured alongside hundreds of municipalities throughout the country. The essential goal of the survey is to gauge what community members believe city government is doing well, what are some opportunities for improvement, and to receive feedback about what kinds of initiatives community members would support. The survey also helps with strategic planning, budgeting, and to improve communications and engagement. The survey is available in English and Spanish.

2021 Citizen Survey

Beginning in May 2021, the survey was sent to 2,700 households throughout the City, and distributed equally throughout all six Council Districts. Citizens were given the option to complete the survey online by using a unique identifying code, or by hand via a paper copy of the survey. Click or tap here to view results from the 2021 Citizen Survey.

Open Participation Survey 

An open participation survey was available to all Rio Rancho citizens until July 1, 2021. Survey results from the open participation survey are not factored into the results received from the mailed survey, but we do use these results to gauge even more citizen opinions. If you did receive a survey invitation by mail, it is very important that you complete that version rather than the open participation survey.