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Challenges, Contests, Games

Current/Future Challenges, Contests, and Games
Why I'm Grateful, Esther Bone, November 1-17
The holiday season is upon us.  Write down why you’re thankful on one of our entry forms, and your name will be placed into a drawing for one of two $20 gift cards to Village Inn.  Sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
Past Challenges, Contests, and Games
Candy Corn Guessing Contest, Esther Bone, October 2-31
Do you love the change of seasons?  As fall arrives (October 2-31), take your best guess at the number of candy corn in our jar at the Esther Bone Memorial Library.  The closest guess will win the jar of candy corn.  Sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Leila M. was the winner. The total count was 1,051, four people were within 1 of that number so we did a random drawing of the four and Leila was the lucky winner!  

As part of The Great American Read, Esther Bone showed the movie Ready Player One on August 29. 
The movie was raffled to an audience member. Bob won!  Esther Bone will do a similar program on Sept 26 when they show Gone With the Wind. Peggy won the movie Gone with the Wind

Sunday is Funday Aug 19, 2018
Vote for their favorite Great American Read book and be entered to win a free book.
The winners were: James A, Leslye A, Ellen B, Debbie C, Cheryl E, Dixie L.

Celebrate National Book Lovers Day on Aug 9, 2018!

While you’re at the library, vote for your favorite novel in the The Great American Read, and your name will be entered into a raffle to win a free book. Winners: Debbie C., Ethan E., Tessie E., Leah R., and Karen S. 

Libraries Rock! Summer Reading Program 2018
Esther Bone Memorial Library Prizes 
  • Six weekly winners will each receive a $15 Barnes and Noble gift card (a person can win only one gift card).
    • Winners: Lydia R., Marla S., Jennifer M., Birgitta G., Caroline M., and Jaime.
  • All entries will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a $50 gift card to Joe's Pasta House. 
    • Marla S. 
  • At each Esther Bone Memorial Library adult program during the Summer Reading Program, there will be a raffle for free books (no book reviews necessary).
    • Winners: Beau S., Joni, Sally, Karen, Karen H., Jan H., Patty, Jim, Lynette, Lisa, Marie, and James

Loma Colorado Main Library Prizes

  • Six weekly winners will receive $5 gift certificates to the Friends of the Library bookstore(a person can win only one gift card). 
    • Winners: Barbara W., Veronica U., Sandra T., Jackie B., Bethanne C., and Sabra C.
  • All entries will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a  $50 Visa gift card.  
    • Winner: Amanda P.

Facebook Contests
  • Like and follow our Facebook page for chances to win custom tote bags packed with goodies!
    • Winners: Rose D., Atole S., Christine J., Dominic S., Angie R., and Jennie S.

Music Trivia Contest at Esther Bone Memorial Library

As part of the Summer Reading Program, you can complete a music trivia sheet at Esther Bone Memorial Library. The music trivia sheets will be available from June 19 - 30, 2018. Three people will win iTunes gift cards.
Winners: Harriet E. - $10 iTunes gift card, Preston B. - $10 iTunes gift card, Madyson B. - $10 iTunes gift card

Nature Photography Contest

June 15 is Nature Photography Day, so Esther Bone Memorial Library is have a photography contest. Any age customer may provide a hard copy of a nature photograph that they took. Entries will be accepted until 5 pm on June 15. First, second and third prize winners will receive Barnes & Noble gift cards. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library; members of the Friends of the Library will be judging the contest.
Winners:1st Mary A. $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble; 2nd Pat M. $15 gift card to Barnes & Noble; 3rd Oscar Michael B. $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble 

Writing Contest: What Memorial Day Means to Me
Enjoy the unofficial start of summer with the Esther Bone Memorial Library! Write a paragraph on the topic: "What Memorial Day Means to Me." On the back of the entry, please include your name and phone number.  First, second, and third prize winners will receive Dairy Queen gift cards. The deadline to enter is May 26 at 5 pm. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Winners were - 1st - Bethany H ($15 DQ gift card), 2nd - Malia A ($10 DQ gift card), and 3rd - BA Fishel ($5 DQ gift card)

Guess the Oscar Winners
Hey, movie buffs! Have you seen the Oscar-nominated movies? Beginning February 1 when the nominations are released, submit your predictions for this year’s winners. Submit your guesses through March 3 at the Esther Bone Library. The person with the most correct predictions will win a $30 gift card for Premiere Cinema 14 in Rio Rancho, enough for at least two tickets and some concessions! Thank you to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring this contest. The winner was Diane I, she had 20 out of 24 correct. 

Presidential Prudence
Different Presidents had different styles of imparting wisdom.  Can you name the U.S. Presidents who said these words?  If you don’t know, feel free to look them up. You could win a gift card to Viet Rice! The Presidential Prudence contest runs from February 1 through February 19 at the Loma Colorado Main Library. Funded by the Friends of the Rio Rancho Library. The winner was Chris S.

Blind Date with a Book
Are you looking for a book to read? Adults can try one of our gift-wrapped books February 1-14. The first eight adults to turn in written reviews of these mystery books will receive chocolate bars. Reviews must be received at Esther Bone Library. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Hot Reads for Cold Nights Adult Reading Program
January 2 - February 14, 2018 ~ Cozy up with a good book during the chilly winter weather. Collect treats for reading and be entered into drawings.  
Winners: John, Liz H., Barbara, Joann, Emily T., Veronica U., Jan C., Heather T., Amie B., Melanie H., Richard W., Judith C., Trina K., Shannon C., James B., Linda., Annam M., Jamie A., Casey N., Julius., Jean., Birgitta G., Tara C., Ann M., Kim D., Paula., Vanessa B., Tara C., Marta S., Chris H., Maranda M., Addie, Elizabeth V., Pauline E., Paul R., Sue H., and Lydia R.