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Behavior Rules
In order to ensure that all those using the Library may enjoy the Library's services, we ask your cooperation in maintaining an environment conducive to reading. Attendance at Library programs and events constitutes consent to be photographed for publicity purposes. Names of individuals will not be used in photo captions without their verbal consent.

These behavior rules shall apply to all buildings, interior and exterior, and all grounds controlled and operated by the Rio Rancho Library and its branches and to all persons entering in or on the premises. We reserve the right to inspect all bags, backpacks and briefcases.

Dangerous, destructive or criminal conduct will not be tolerated.

Immediate Ejection and Exclusion:
The following behavior will result in immediate ejection and exclusion from all Rio Rancho Public Library branches without first being given a warning. RRPD will be notified and a Criminal Trespass Notification will be issued.
  1. Committing or attempting to commit any activity that would constitute a violation of any federal, state or local criminal statute or ordinance;
  2. Directing a specific threat of physical, sexual or any other harm against an individual, or group of individuals or property;
  3. Engaging in sexual misconduct; and/or
  4. Possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

One Warning:
Any person who violates the following rules while in or on Library property will be given up to one warning at the discretion of Library staff; then the person will be asked to leave the location for the day. This will include all Rio Rancho Library locations. Subsequent offenses by that person will result in that person's immediate ejection and exclusion from all Rio Rancho Public Library location. The Rio Rancho Police Department will be notified. With the consent of the Library director, a Criminal Trespass Notification will be issued.
      5. Library staff reserves the right to ask for a conceal carry permit if deemed necessary;
      6. Damaging or vandalizing Library facilities, equipment or materials. Removing Library materials without properly checking them out;
      7. Abandoning, neglecting or leaving young children unattended or otherwise violating the Child Safety Policy. Copies of this policy are available at every Library or on the Library's web site;
      8. Harassing other Library users or Library staff, including verbal abuse;
      9. Selling, soliciting or panhandling (approaching citizens with items for sale or pleas for donations);
      10. Bringing bicycles into the Library. Skateboards, in-line skates, etc. must be carried at all times;
      11. Preventing access to any entrance, exit, or aisle or preventing others from passing;
      12. Improper use of restrooms, including but not limited to shaving, bathing and hair washing;
      13. Talking loudly, or engaging in other disruptive behavior; and/or
      14. Breastfeeding: Rio Rancho Municipal Code Section 133.01(L) prohibits exposure of female breasts to public view.           Breastfeeding mothers may feed their children in the library in any manner which does not expose a mother’s       breast(s) to public view.  This may be accomplished through draping a cover or feeding in a non-public space.

Other Infractions:
Any person who violates rules 15 through 19 while in or on Library premises will be excluded from the premises until the problem is corrected.
      15. Bringing in any animals, except service animals;
      16. Eating (light snacks only), smoking, sleeping and drinking anything except water or bottled beverages in tightly covered containers;
      17. Using cell phones or other electronic devices that MAY BE audible to others;
      18. Entering the Library barefoot, without a shirt, without being fully clothed, with offensive body odor or personal hygiene, or being otherwise attired so as to be disruptive to the Library environment. These are judgment calls that will be made in the sole discretion of the Library staff; and
      19. Disturbing others by making excessive noise, such as prolonged crying.

Repeat Offenses:
Repeat offenders need not violate the same rule to be subject to stricter enforcement and may not be warned that their behavior is inappropriate before being excluded.

Based on City of Rio Rancho Municipal Code 90.23, a trained guide, hearing or service animal shall be admitted to the Library and its grounds, provided, that the trained service animal is under the control of a person with a disability or a trainer of assistance animals. No person shall be required to pay any additional charges for his/her qualified assistance animal, but shall be liable for any damage done by his/her qualified assistance animal.

No other animals shall be permitted in the Library, without approval of the Library Director.