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Meter Application Residential

  1. Instructions and Definitions

    1. This application is for residential development only. 2. All services will be pending until a field inspection is completed. If a field inspection failed; the customer is required to pay the difference for the service. All services will be inspected by the City once installed. 3. Customer must make sure that the address is clearly marked on the lot, and viewable from the road. 4. The following definitions are used in this application: a. Service Available: The infrastructure has been completed and accepted. Distribution Main is a new water/wastewater main that must be extended. The water distribution/wastewater collection main is located in the street and may provide service, but there is no service line to the property. A copy of Inspection Sheet from the City Utility Inspector must be submitted prior to release of water/wastewater request. No approval for building permit will be allowed without a completed Meter Application from the Utility Division. b. Well/Septic Permit Required: City Water/Wastewater is not available now or in the near future. Applicant should pursue a Domestic Well (for water) or a Liquid Waste Disposal System (for sewer and approved by NMED). See the Water Programs Coordinator for a Domestic Well packet in Suite 200 of City Hall. A septic tank is allowed for wastewater, but Customer must provide a copy of septic permit attached to this Form from NMED. c. Pro-Rata: If a pro-rata is due for water and wastewater then it must be paid along with impact fees.

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    I certify that the information in this application is truthful and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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