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Book a Librarian

  1. Book a Librarian is an opportunity for you to request one-on-one, uninterrupted help from one of our professional librarians. Each 30-minute session will be tailored to your specific needs and compatible with your schedule. Assistance with computer skills, reading suggestions, in-depth research, or help with new technology are a few examples of how we can help. Upon completion of the form you will be contacted within two business days. We require one week advanced notice on all appointments. If more time is needed, you may schedule another appointment. Appointments take place at the Loma Colorado Main Library.

  2. Please note: We are unable to offer advice (e.g., investment, medical, legal) beyond sources of information. We cannot troubleshoot or assist with maintenance of personal electronics (e.g., computers, eReaders, tablets.) This is not a typing or tutoring service. Thank you.

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