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2007-2008 Budget at a Glance

Budget at a Glance (PDF)
Budget at a Glance (Word Document)

2007-2008 Budget

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Table of Content (PDF)
Table of Content (Word Document)

Budget Message and Goals (PDF)
Budget Message and Goals (Word Document)

Descriptive Information (PDF)
Descriptive Information (Word Document)

General Fund Summaries (PDF)
General Fund Summaries (Word Document)

All Funds Summaries (PDF)
All Funds Summaries (Word Document)

Personnel (PDF)
Personnel (Word Document)

Capital Improvement (PDF)
Capital Improvement (Word Document)

Debt Service (PDF)
Debt Service (Word Document)

General Government (PDF)
General Government (Word Document)

City Attorney & Organizational Support (PDF)
City Attorney & Organizational Support (Word Document)

Fiscal Services Department (PDF)
Fiscal Services Department (Word Document)

Cultural Enrichment Department (PDF)
Cultural Enrichment Department (Word Document)

Development Services Department (PDF)
Development Services Department (Word Document)

Public Infrastructure Department (PDF)
Public Infrastructure Department (Word Document)

Public Safety Department (PDF)
Public Safety Department (Word Document)

Fire & Rescue (PDF)
Fire & Rescue (Word Document)

Special Funds (PDF)
Special Funds (Word Document)

Utility Funds (PDF)
Utility Funds (Word Document)

Multi Purpose Event Center (MPEC) Funds (PDF)
Multi Purpose Event Center (MPEC) Funds (Word Document)

Financial Policies (PDF)
Financial Policies (Word Document)

Glossary (PDF)
Glossary (Word Document)

GFOA Budget Award (PDF)
GFOA Budget Award (Word Document)

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