Backflow Prevention Program

The Backflow Prevention Program was designed to maintain the health and welfare of Rio Rancho drinking water.Most often a backflow Prevention Assembly is at a business, although there are some that are on personal homes, which allows water to go into a building, but does not allow bad contaminants out.If for some reason a business has an issue where contaminants are introduced into the water system then a Backflow Prevention Assembly keeps the contaminants out of the public drinking and recycled water.These assemblies can be a containment, service line, irrigation, or fire line assembly.Each type costs $100 for the registration fee as designated by City Ordinance Chapter 54.

Every year Backflow Prevention Assemblies are tested to make sure that they operate properly as well as be repaired if they are damaged. In Rio Rancho there are several companies that have certified Backflow testers and repairman. If you need a tester or repairman for your Backflow Prevention Assembly then please follow the link below. .

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