Meter Replacements

Beginning Monday,  October 16, 2023, and lasting for approximately 4 months, a contractor will replace 2,897 existing water meters approaching end of functional life within the Cabezon subdivision (view map) with new meters (AMI - automated metering infrastructure).  

The contractor will work street-to-street within the subdivision and place door hangers a minimum of 48- hours prior to the installation to alert homeowners that water service will be turned off for approximately 1-2 hours to complete replacement work.

The new meters feature enhanced technology including:

      -Automatic meter readings sent directly to personnel for data collection/invoice processing purposes

      -Automatic turn-off and turn-on

      -Real-time leak detection messaging 

Work within the Cabezon subdivision is Phase 1 work, with a cost of approximately $1.2 million.  The City plans to replace meters throughout the community through future phases.