City Hall Re-stucco

Project Manager: Jamie Marrufo
Office Phone: (505) 891-5043
Contract Company: Sweep Construction
Cost: $ 430,089.56
Stage: Construction
Schedule: June 2021 - September 2021
City Hall
Project consists of removing existing stucco on City Hall and replacing stucco with a water-resistant basecoat and fiberglass reinforcing mesh.  Project will also include stuccoing the concrete entryways on both sides of the building.

The project will occur over three phases. Phase 1 will re-stucco the far north corner of the building, as well as the east side entrance, and south end of the building.

Additional Information:

  • Tentative Schedule:
    • June 16: Set up fencing.
    • June 17: Apply ground cover.
    • June 18: Put up signage.
    • June 21-22: Erect scaffolding.
    • June 23-July 23: Stucco Phase 1.
    • July 26-27: Relocate fencing.
    • July 28: Move ground cover.
    • July 29: Move signage.
    • July 30-August 2: Move scaffolding.
    • August 3-30: Stucco Phase 2.
    • August 31: Move fencing.
    • September 1: Move ground cover.
    • September 2: Move scaffolding.
    • September 3-17: Stucco Phase 3.
    • September 20-24: Apply final.

Status Log:

  • June 2021: Construction begins on 6/16/21.

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