Census 2020

Why fill out your 2020 Census questionnaire?

  • It’s quick and easy
  • It’s safe, secure, and confidential
  • It helps direct billions of dollars of federal funding in your community
  • It helps determine political representation at all levels of government

How to fill out your 2020 Census questionnaire 

Postcards with an invitation to respond will be delivered in mailboxes March 12-20, 2020.

95% of households will receive a postcard in the mail with a code specific to that household, this is the code you will enter to complete your census questionnaire.

census questionnaire

There are 3 ways to fill out your 2020 Census

  • Online
  • By Phone
  • By Mail

To fill out your Census questionnaire online click here.

Census questionnaires must be completed by October 31.

Where to fill out your 2020 Census

Anyplace that has Internet access.

Upon reopening, Loma Colorado Main and Esther Bone Branch Library will have dedicated laptops available for you to fill out your 2020 Census questionnaire March 12 - July 31.

Websites for more information