Campaign Practices

Political or Campaign Signage Information

Political signs are permitted on public and private property and are regulated by ordinance.  To obtain a permit to place political signage on public or private property, please review, complete and submit the Sign Application here

Questions regarding signage or the permitting process can be answered by the Development Services at (505) 891-5005.

Signage Disclaimer Requirements §30.27, R.O. 2003

  • All campaign advertisements shall contain a disclaimer to include the name of the candidate, or campaign committee who has authorized the advertisement, or if paid for by an independent expenditure, a statement including the words “paid for by” followed by the name of the person, organization or entity who made the independent expenditure.
  • The disclaimer shall be placed conspicuously in a legible manner on printed material or electronic communications, such as websites or social media sites, clearly spoken, when transmitted via audio broadcast means, and both legible and clearly spoken for visual media advertisements.

A disclaimer is not required on printed campaign material such as pins, bumper stickers and other comparably sized items on which the disclaimer cannot reasonably be printed or displayed.

Political Activity and Electioneering

Campaigning and electioneering is prohibited as follows:

Any city property or facility designated as an early voting or election day polling place for a statewide or municipal election shall not be eligible for reservation or rental within 30 days of the date of the election, when the purpose is to discuss, inform, debate or confer, in any manner, about a candidate or ballot question, or engage in any activity which may influence an election outcome regarding any candidate or ballot question.

Electioneering too close to the polling place consists of any form of campaigning within:

one hundred (100) feet of the building in which the polling place is located on election day when voting at a school, church or private residence; and

one hundred (100) feet of the door through which voters may enter to vote at the office of the county clerk, an early voting location, a mobile voting site or any location used as a polling place on Election Day that is not a school, church or private residence.

 Electioneering includes the display or distribution of:

  • signs,
  • campaign literature,
  • campaign buttons, t-shirts, hats, pins or other such items, and
  • verbal or electronic solicitation of votes for a candidate or ballot question.

Whoever commits electioneering too close to the polling place is guilty of a petty misdemeanor. §1-20-16, NMSA 1978

Campaign material, literature, placards, posters, or any other communications intended to influence an election shall not be distributed or posted in a city facility or office ordinarily used to conduct city government business or services.

This does not include the placement or distribution of a nonpartisan voter guide intended as education, which contains candidate questionnaires or ballot question information that does not advocate for or against a candidate or ballot question.