Declaration of Write-In Candidacy 

Anyone interested in participating as a write-in candidate in the Municipal Officer Election must file a declaration of write-in candidacy between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on the forty-ninth (49) day before the election, which is January 14, 2020.

Click here to download and complete the Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate

General Information

  • The name of a declared write-in candidate will not appear on the ballot; rather, the ballot will contain a space under the applicable office. §1-22-8.1(D), NMSA 1978
  • The name of a declared write-in candidate will not be posted in any polling place. §1-10-13(B), NMSA 1978
  • A certificate of election shall not be issued to an unopposed write-in candidate unless the candidate receives either one hundred votes or the number of write-in votes equal to at least ten percent of the total number of ballots on which the office appears that are cast in the regular local election. §1-13-24(B), NMSA 1978

A write-in vote shall be counted if the name is:

  1.  the name of a declared write-in candidate for that office and position and is on the proper line provided for a write-in vote for that office and position; and
  2.  written as first and last name; first name, middle name or initial and last name; one or two initials and last name; or last name alone if there is no other declared write-in candidate for the office or position that is the same or so similar as to tend to confuse the candidates' identities; provided that:
    •  when the presiding judge and election judges reviewing the write-in vote unanimously agree that the voter's intent is clearly discernible, an abbreviation, misspelling or other minor variation in the form of the name of a declared write-in candidate shall be accepted as a valid vote; and
    • as used in this subsection, "write-in" and "written" do not include the imprinting of any name by stamp or similar method or device or the use of a stencil or a preprinted sticker or label. §1-1-5.2(C), NMSA 1978