Speed Map

A real time speed map is available for the following roads and is updated every 5 minutes.
  • Unser Boulevard - Westside Boulevard to Paseo del Volcan
  • Southern Boulevard - Lisbon Avenue to NM 528
  • Westside Boulevard - Unser Boulevard to NM 528
  • Sara Road - NM 528 to Southern Boulevard
  • NM 528 - Westside Boulevard to US 550
  • Paseo del Volcan - Unser Boulevard to US 550
  • US 550 - Paseo del Volcan to I-25 (NMDOT Data)
  • Blue is fast (above the speed limit)
  • Green is normal (around the speed limit)
  • Yellow is below normal (below the speed limit)
  • Orange is slow (significantly below the speed limit)
  • Red is extremely slow (traffic is at a crawl)
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