Sample Ballots

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March 1, 2016, Voter Guide

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Resident of City Council District 1 Sample Ballot
Resident of City Council District 2 Sample Ballot
Resident of City Council District 3 Sample Ballot
Resident of City Council District 4 Sample Ballot
Resident of City Council District 5 Sample Ballot
Resident of City Council District 6 Sample Ballot
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If sample ballots are printed and distributed to others, please be aware of the state statute noted below. The city’s official sample ballot is yellow. Other printed sample ballots must be in a color other than yellow.

State Statute

3-8-17. Sample ballots. (2003)
A. At the same time official ballots are printed for voting with machines or paper ballots, the municipal clerk shall cause sample ballots to be printed, which shall:
(1) be printed in both English and Spanish;
(2) be printed in a total number equal to at least five percent of the number of qualified electors in each precinct or consolidated precinct;
(3) be the same in all respects as the official ballots, except that they shall be printed on colored paper and shall not contain the facsimile signature of the municipal clerk or any endorsement on the sample ballot or the back thereof;
(4) be marked in large black capital letters, "SAMPLE BALLOT"; and
(5) be made available in reasonable quantities to all interested persons for distribution to the voters.

B. Nothing in this section shall prevent any person from having printed at his expense sample ballots, of a different color than the official sample ballot, which comply with the provisions of this subsection, so long as no marks, notations, words or other material are added to, taken from or deface, change or hide the information on or the appearance of the sample ballot as authorized by the municipal clerk.

History: 1978 Comp., § 3-8-17, enacted by Laws 1985, ch. 208, § 25; 1993, ch. 22, § 2; 2003, ch. 244, § 3.