No exceptions will be made for anyone not meeting the Basic Eligibility Requirements.Please follow the instructions to complete a Preliminary Application form as indicated in this link:How to apply for a job with the City.

In addition to the completion of a Preliminary Application, please be prepared by printing a Medical Clearance Form, which you will need to take to your physician for completion.As the clearance from your doctor must be obtained within 30 days of your testing date, please wait until you receive notification of the date of your testing before you ask your physician to complete it.

Any application received, after notification is given to report for competitive examinations, shall be held until selection processes begin for the next following recruitment.

Notification of time and place of written examinations will be made in due time by mail.It is important, therefore, that you clearly and correctly indicate your current mailing address and telephone numbers. In the event you change your address or phone number after filling out the application, mail the notification of the same immediately.

Applications will not be considered unless they are complete in every respect and any misrepresentation of facts will disqualify the applicant for consideration.Incomplete applications will be kept no longer than one month.After that time, they will be considered inactive and destroyed.

Completed applications will be kept one full year from the date the selection process begins.After that time, they will be considered inactive and destroyed.

Please do not make inquiry regarding status of your application as you will receive appropriate information concerning your application routinely and in due time.

Background Investigation

Applicant should initiate steps to procure copies of the below listed applicable documents in order to expedite processing of the background investigation phase of the selection process.
  • Birth certificate
  • High school diploma (or GED transcript notes diploma)
  • High school transcript (or GED transcript)
  • College or university diploma
  • College of university transcript
  • Military service discharge papers (DD214)
  • Law enforcement certification
  • Law enforcement academy transcript
  • All special training certificates related to law enforcement
  • Letters of recommendation as police officer
These copies become property of the Rio Rancho Police Department and are not subject to return.These items are not necessary for completion of this application, but they will be necessary in the event you successfully complete the entrance requirements.

Quality Management and Work Environment

The Police Department believes that all employees should be in good physical condition and drug free.In order to assure the quality of service to our citizens and provide for a positive work environment, we subject Police Officers to drug screening and physical assessments.

General Information

For additional information, you may write or stop by:
Rio Rancho Police Department
500 Quantum Road
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124
SMS Text: 505-544-6402
Please make all inquiries addressed to the Training & Recruiting Unit.

Equal Opportunity Policies

No applicant will be discriminated against concerning hire, tenure, terms, conditions or privileges of employment or any matter directly or indirectly related to employment because of race, sex, color, religion, national origin or ancestry.Each applicant will be limited by individual abilities and qualifications, and the Police Department will endeavor to select, hire and maintain in its employ only qualified persons available.