Recruit Training Program


Recruit Training Program

All Police Officer Recruits are required to be trained in law enforcement.All recruits must complete a Recruit Training Program that is composed of two different training curriculum's: Basic Academy Training and Field Training Officer Program.The Recruit Training Program is designed to deliver academic and field instruction to acquaint the recruit with the performance, functions and duties of law enforcement.

Academy Training Programs

The Academy Training Program is targeted for development of academic and physical abilities of the Public Safety Officer.The Police Officer Recruit is required to attend the New Mexico Law Enforcement Training Center, in Santa Fe, N.M., for 20 weeks or the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department Academy which is 26 to 30 weeks.The Academy closely corresponds to schools for officer candidates in the military services; however, prior military experience is not required.Recruits who attend the Law Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe are furnished lodging and meals at no expense to them.Recruits who attend the Law Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe will be required to stay at the Academy Sunday night through Thursday night.Recruits may be dismissed at any time during the academy for reasonable cause.

Field Training Programs

The Field Training Officer Program is designed to augment the academic and physical abilities learned in the Academy setting, with the real-life situations.Each Recruit is assigned to a field training officer for 12 weeks.The Recruit is rotated through three field training officers during the 12-week period for evaluation, critique, appraisal and recommendation of job performances.Once the Recruit completes the program, the Recruit is released from training status.If the Recruit does not complete the program, the Recruit is discharged from the department.

Probation Period

Uncertified Officers will be on probation until one year after their certification as Police Officers with the state.Typically, Recruits are certified upon graduation from the Academy.The actual length of probation is dependent upon the length of time between being hired and the beginning of the Academy as well as the length of the Academy.

Newly hired Police Officers who are already certified will be on one year probation from their date of hire. During the employee's first year as a sworn Police Officer, the employee may be discharged at any time without recourse to a formal hearing.Upon satisfactory completion of the first year as an employee, the employee may receive a permanent appointment, and then can be discharged only upon preferment of formal charges in writing, and has recourse to a public hearing before the Personnel Director, if desired.

Specialized Training Programs

All Police Officers are required to maintain certification in their specialty areas.This requires annual and quarterly training that may be held as on-the-job training, in-state training or out-of-state training.

Any of the training schools may last for several days; however, they provide a means for the personnel to review past training and become aware of new developments and/or technology in the area of law enforcement.Personnel also obtain advanced, specialized training of law enforcement at the New Mexico law Enforcement Training Center, FBI National Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, University of New Mexico, Federal Emergency Management Administration, Northwestern Traffic Institute, Institute of Police Technology and Management, Texas A&M, Office of Medical Investigators and other courses at the discretion of the department.