General Information

Legal And Regulatory Compliance

In partnership with the City Attorney’s office, HR is responsible for ensuring that the City of Rio Rancho’s employment-related policies, procedures, and practices are in compliance with applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.

Employment – Recruitment, Hiring, And Placement

HR assists in developing strategies for recruitment, interviewing and orienting employees, including new hires, promotions, transfers and demotions, as well as processing voluntary and involuntary separations from employment.

Compensation & Classification

Toward the goals of ensuring internal pay equity and external market competitiveness in compensation, HR oversees the design and administration of compensation and classification programs, including job descriptions, performance planning and development and salary survey participation.

Training And Human Resource Development

The focus is to coordinate both in-house and off-site training programs to enhance employee skills and job performance and to ensure that employees with license/certification requirements have the opportunity to maintain continuing professional education. Includes design and delivery of training, individual coaching, work-group development and operating the computer-learning laboratory at City Hall.

HR Resource Reference and Self-Study Library

HR maintains and updates a library reference collection of professional development print, video and audiotape programs for employees, as well as administrative and practice guides and other learning support materials to support management development and effectiveness.

Employee And Community Communications

Developing and maintaining effective communications with City employees and the community concerning the City’s various human resources and employment issues.

Community Service And Partnerships

In support of our philosophy of service to, and partnership with the Rio Rancho Community, HR engages with business, community organizations and other service providers to improve services.

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